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Start conversations with your ideal clients

We build and send cold email campaigns on your behalf, delivering conversations with your ideal prospects straight to your inbox, with zero financial risk and requiring only 30 mins of your time to set up.


If you need more leads for your business without the hassle look no further, we take care of everything…

5-10 Conversations

Per month, plus a load of friendly intros to add to your CRM

Low Financial Risk

No up-front payments, no ongoing commitment – total financial flexibility

Pay Per Lead

Only pay when you want to continue a conversation

30 Minute Sign Up

Half an hour of your time to get your campaign up and running

Done For You

Every aspect of your email campaigns taken care of

4 Week Result

Conversations with your ideal prospects within 4 weeks

Do your brand justice

A cold email campaign is a unique opportunity to make a good first impression and introduce yourself. There is no second chance at a first impression, which is why so many are hesitant of trying. If you had the opportunity to contact 10,000 potential customers in your industry to introduce yourself in a polite, friendly and informative manner…how would you go about it?

Don't work with us...

…if you have thousands of dollars a month to spend on a cold email agency who can carry out a deep dive and tailor a strategy just for you. For those of you who are happy with a platform that can get you 80% of the same results at a fraction of the cost and for only 30 mins of your time, read on…

Well researched, 100% personalized messages

Aside from what you’re selling and who to, personalizing each message so that it’s 100% unique to each recipient is the most effective way to ensure your campaign performs well. Which of the following would you be more likely to reply to?

Hi Daniel,

Given your role at ABC Corporation, I thought you might be interested in learning more about Our Company. Since 1965, we have been proudly designing and manufacturing high quality ergonomic furniture for the office.

(rest of message...)


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the random intro, saw you’re based down the road in steyning - not too far away from us (we’re down in Brighton). I hear you guys have a pretty great art festival every August? I’ll have to swing by sometime and introduce myself properly over a coffee and take in the festivities, for now you’ll have to make do with my best attempt at a virtual intro...

(rest of message...)

320% more responses

We're constantly optimising every element of our outreach strategy in order to be able to deliver consistently solid results for any b2b company we work with. The following table shows how our cold email campaigns perform (across an average of all our clients) vs average b2b cold email efforts.

Open rate Response rate Neutral opportunities Warm opportunities Hot opportunities
B2Prospect 65% 8.4% 1.7% 0.42% 0.22%
Global average 44% 2% 0.4% 0.1% 0.05%
B2Prospect Global average
Open rate 65% 44%
Response rate 8.4% 2%
Neutral opportunities 1.7% 0.4%
Warm opportunities 0.42% 0.1%
Hot opportunities 0.22% 0.05%

Want your inbox to look like this?

A well crafted, well researched email not only produces better results but represents your brand in a more polite, friendly and positive way. Below are a small selection of the types of responses we can generate for you on a regular basis.

Can you afford to spend thousands of dollars on cold email?

Most people are either unaware of or underestimate the time and cost involved in creating and sending a high performing cold email campaign. We've outlined below a high level overview of exactly what's required on a regular basis.

See below for a full breakdown of everything our platform will be doing on your behalf and how much time and money you’ll save in the process…
Item Summary Expense of doing this yourself B2Prospect
Alias domain purchase Purchasing a domain separate from your main company domain to ensure high deliverability and protect domain reputation $15
Domain warm up Warming up your inbox for 2-3 weeks to ensure high deliverability and protect domain reputation $50
Email setup Adding the appropriate DNS and DMARC settings to ensure deliverability 1 hour
Email hosting Ongoing GMail Workspace email hosting costs $5 per month
Email copywriting and testing Researching successful strategies, writing sequences for your product / service, testing to see what works 20 hours+
Targeting Deciding exactly who you are going to reach out to 2 hours
Email list building Building a list of target companies and prospects and finding contact information $1500
Personalisation Researching every recipient in order to be able something unique about them in every email 10 hours per week
Sending Sending the campaigns to the target list every month' $50 per month
Results tracking Keeping tabs on open rates, response rates etc, tweaking sending metrics where necessary 2 hours per month
Total expenses
Do it Yourself B2Prospect
Setup $2,500 $0
30 hours 0.5 hours
Monthly $1,000 $250 **
40 hours 0 hours
** $250 monthly maintenance deposit is redeemable for $250 worth of opportunities.
We exist to help small businesses’ sales and marketing teams run effective cold outreach campaigns. Why risk spending thousands of dollars on a campaign that may not work when you can get 80% of the same results as the best agencies in the business with no risk and at a fraction of the cost?

Only pay for conversations that you want to continue

$0 setup fee. Responses to your campaigns will be passed straight to your inbox - you decide which conversations you want to pay for.

Total control, zero commitment

We screen all responses and pass only relevant opportunities to you. We redact all identifiable information about the prospect and company, but we give you everything else to allow you to make an informed decision. Only pay for conversations you want to continue, reject those you don’t. No upfront costs or setup fees, no commitment, no pressure.

Pay on results, never before

Only pay for the conversations you want to continue. we refer to these as 'opportunities' and categorize them as follows


Any non-negative conversation where a follow up is not required



A positive expression of interest requiring further correspondence



Any instance whereby there’s an immediate business opportunity


Sign up to new business opportunities in your inbox within 4 weeks

Fill out the form below or email us at to find out more or to book in a discovery call and get started.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are there any hidden costs?

    Following a free trial, if you decide to continue working with us we ask for a monthly maintenance deposit of $250 to cover the costs of keeping your campaign live. However, you will get $250 worth of credits for  this $250 deposit which can be redeemed for opportunities.

    Aside from this, there are no costs involved in setting up your campaign and at no point will you be required to make any payments for anything other than opportunities you’re interested in speaking with (and even then, which opportunities you choose to redeem is entirely up to you).

    Can you guarantee results?

    Cold email is not a perfect fit for every company and every industry. If you’re selling ice to eskimos, your results will be worse than a company with a great service and a hungry market. Our trial period is designed to get a clear idea of whether or not there may be a fit and has been designed with as little risk as possible. Whether or not cold email is right for you we’ll be able to let you know free of charge within a few weeks.

    How much of my time do you need?

    Half an hour. We’ll share with you a questionnaire that has been designed to help us with copywriting and targeting – following this there are no follow ups required, your campaign will be running on autopilot.

    When can I expect to start getting results?

    Typically within 4 weeks. The email warm up process will start soon after you sign up with us, which takes 2-3 weeks. By week 4 your campaign will be launched so you can expect responses anytime from here onwards.

    What if you send me an opportunity that turns out to be not a good fit?

    The first 10 opportunities are fully refundable, giving you plenty of time to decide on whether this is a service that may be a good fit for you.

    How does the pay per lead system work?

    We screen all responses and pass only relevant opportunities to you. We redact all identifiable information about the prospect and company, but we give you everything else to allow you to make an informed decision. Only pay for conversations you want to continue, reject those you don’t. No minimum spend, no commitment, no pressure.

    Start conversations with your ideal clients.

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